M.C. Lundgren, Inc. is a Washington State licensed general contractor specializing in the construction of apartment communities and light commercial buildings in the state of Washington.  

Our Mission

In 2003, Mark Lundgren founded M.C. Lundgren, Inc. in order to specialize in the construction of affordable housing.

Since it was founded, M.C. Lundgren has partnered with numerous non-profit, public, and private entities, architects and developers throughout the state of Washington to build affordable housing. M.C. Lundgren has been involved in the construction of over 1100 publicly funded housing units. We have constructed HUD-202 senior housing, agricultural, veterans, and low-income housing projects. We have also constructed many different types of projects including earthquake and historic renovations, rehabs, retail, office and multi-million dollar custom homes.

Because we have specialized in affordable housing, we have been able to consistently apply the most current standards of environmentally responsible building to our projects. Many of our projects meet the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard. We have also constructed projects that have received certification under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).  In 2007, we completed Tepeyac Haven, an agricultural housing project in Pasco, Washington, which received a LEED for Homes Gold Certification award. This was one of the first in the nation to receive such an award.

As a result of our experience and reputation we have increasingly been asked to work with owners and architects in the planning and design process from the construction point of view. We also specialize in negotiated projects. We believe that construction is a team effort.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a quality project on time and within the budget parameters. We have very experienced superintendents and project managers with decades of combined experience. We pride ourselves in the ability to work as a team member in the design process through completion for the many negotiated and design build projects we build.